Arcovi Corporation is a Group of businesses which are spread over three business sectors.
It comprises of three companies and operates in two continents.

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About Arcovi   
Our Approach   

About Arcovi

Arcovi and its entrepreneurs have shared a common vision: be first. First to see the opportunity, first to define a category, and first to transform the industry.

We partner with entrepreneurs around the world who have unique, breakthrough ideas and the courage to be first. We share the entrepreneur’s commitment to “BE FIRST” and the intensity and patience it takes to get there. We bring to each investment a distinct and specific expertise and understanding to contribute meaningfully and add value to new venture.


  1. Our aim is to invest in and build profitable companies.
  2. Guiding entrepreneurs in making right investment decisions.


Arcovi’s core values are -

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Intelligence
  • Courage
  • Partnership

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